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900mm x 600mm A Frame – PVC – Water and Sand Fillable

Our Latest A-Board display is a sturdy A-Frame which can be water or sand filled .

900mm H x 600mm W advertising area.

Simple, stylish and wont rust or dent. Featuring sturdy non-rusting hinges, integrated handles, non slip feet and a stainless stay to keep the boards from spreading too wide, these A-Frames will always convey your customers message in a stylish, inexpensive way.

Print a transfer and stick it onto the A-Frame and simply paste a new one over when wanting to change the message.

The other option is to use double sided tape to attach an ACM or steel panel to the frame.

Hardware Price

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 4 $69.00
5+ 8.7 % $63.00