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Eyelet punch bench type

This bench punch grommet machine enables the grommet to pierce and set in a single action without pre-punching a hole. The self-piercing eyelets will help you to operate simply and conveniently, just by keeping the eyelet attached to the top of the die and the washer attached to the bottom of the die

» Can stand alone or to be mounted to a tabletop
» Heavy duty cast iron frame makes it extra stable
» Interchangeable dies 10mm and 12mm
» Small body yet very strong and durable
» Non-skid foam rubber handle grip for comfort grasp and ease of use
» Ideal for craft and industrial use
» Use with Anders 10mm or 12mm brass or nickel plated brass eyelets

» Grommet machine body, 10 & 12mm dies, allen key
& 1 x spare set of screws