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Mega Tape 38mm x 32mm

A new improved megatape banner hemtape with clear film and improved strength MegaTape is a double sided Banner Hem reinforcing tape that is made of a super strong film. Now with a new clear film, MegaTape banner hem tape is even stronger than our original product – 10% stronger in both lab tensile tests and wind tunnel test. Improved MegaTape banner hem tape withstood winds up to 108 MPH Clear film is less visible and more attractive when used in Mesh Banners even greater strength than traditional PowerTape® (withstood winds of 108+MPH in wind tunnel tests) banner hem tape produces a fold-finished banner edge for customers who prefer that look.

Hardware Price

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 9 $80.00
10+ 6.25 % $75.00